Simple Video Conference Room


Smithfield and Associates is a legal firm with offices in several major cities across the United States. The firm wanted to add a new video conference suite to its Chicago offices. The video conference suite will seat up to eight people. The video conference system will use a single camera, and they will need to share content from two laptop locations at the conference table and a Blu-ray player. The senior partner has requested a second point of control on his iPad.

Room Needs Assessment


The AV system needs be able to be operated with little or no training. The staff is not AV savvy and relies on their service agreement to service and maintain the AV system. Additionally, the boardroom will be used by multiple clients and vendors.

Source Inputs

The video conference codec will be the primary source on this system; however, the system will also need to have at least two laptop inputs as well as a Blu-ray player. The laptops and Blu-ray player should be able to be routed to the near and far end.


There are two 1080p high definition LCD displays. All audio will play through overhead speakers.

Control System

There needs to be a central control system with touchscreen control for operation of the video sources, source selection, audio levels, and video displays. The touchscreen must be large enough to see all controls clearly and simple to operate and understand. iPad control should also be available.


The office has a robust network and ample network connectivity.


The dealer needs to supply an operations manual for the remote control system and train the office manager on the operations of the AV system.

Functional Requirements

The users of the AV system must be able to power on the AV system, send sources to the display, control the AV sources and volume levels, and shut down the system. The system must automatically shut down after a period of inactivity. Conference dialing must be clear and easy.

The senior partner at the firm is in love with his iPad, and wants to duplicate the touchpanel control on his iPad. The system should double as a conference room when video conference capabilities are not needed.

System Design Solution

Control System Configuration

This system requires the advanced capabilities of Global Configurator Professional, including: user defined ethernet commands, conditional logic, local variables, macros and monitors, button tracking, TouchLink™ for iPad.

GUI Configurator will be used for all TouchLink Touchpanel Designs.

Control System

The AV system will be controlled by an IPL 250 IP Link control processor, and a TLP 710TV TouchLink Touchpanel. The IPL 250 will control the video conference via Ethernet, Blu-ray player via IR, the LCD display and switcher via RS-232. All control available on the TLP 710TV will be duplicated in a TouchLink™ for iPad App, and installed on the senior partner’s iPad.


The system will feature two 42-inch 1080p high definition LCD displays.


The video conference codec is the primary source. The codec has one camera and an array of table microphones connected directly to it, and should receive the same audio from the video content source. Additionally, the system has inputs for two laptops and a Blu-ray player. Routing will be handled by the matrix noted below.

Switching System

The system will feature an SMX 200 frame populated with SMX 84 DVI Pro Matrix Switcher Boards and an SMX 84 A Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher Board, which will handle all of the audio and video routing in the system.


Basic audio routing and volume control will be done using the matrix and other audio adjustments will be done using the video conference codec. The audio from all the sources will be played back through the Extron MPA 401 Mini Power Amplifier and the FF 220T Ceiling Speakers.