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Extron Acquires Products Division of Electrosonic

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Extron Acquires Products Division of Electrosonic

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I’m excited to announce that Extron Electronics has acquired the Product Engineering and Development Division of the Electrosonic Group.

The acquisition includes all products designed and manufactured by Electrosonic, including the VN Matrix line of Video and Graphics over IP Encoders and Decoders, the HDFrend line of HD Video Players, and the Quantum Elite System line of Multi-Image Display Processors.

The Electrosonic Group systems engineering, integration and service business is not part of the acquisition and will continue forward as a completely independent AV systems integrator.

Let me give you some background. Founded in 1964, the Electrosonic Group evolved over time into two separate business organizations; an audio-visual systems integrator and a products manufacturer. Over time it became clear that continuing to run both businesses under the name Electrosonic was confusing and not beneficial to either team. Therefore, a formal separation was required. At the same time, Extron saw an opportunity.

As you can imagine, Extron is often presented with offers to purchase other companies. However, I have always approached each situation with caution. In all my years, I can’t recall seeing a company quite like Electrosonic. At Extron, we’re passionate about products. That same culture exists in the Electrosonic Products Engineering team. Their talent is evident when you look at the unique solutions they have brought to the table in video streaming and signal processing products. It’s a great fit and we’re pleased to welcome them aboard.

You’ll be interested to know that at Extron we have been in development on a complete line of AV streaming products for over three years. In addition to the products acquired from Electrosonic, we will be announcing new streaming solutions developed by Extron later this year.

Take a look at our newly acquired products. As part of the Extron line they will enable you to design and integrate AV systems at a whole new level.

New Product Line Summary

VN Matrix

Video and Graphics Over IP Encoders and Decoders Providing high quality DVI, RGB, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SDI video transmission over IP networks for Broadcast, ProAV and Command & Control applications. Feature the PURE3 codec designed exclusively for IP network transmission.

HD Video Players feature a stand-alone and networkable design and provide JPEG2000 and MPEG2 file playback. The JMP 9600 (ES9600) supports bit rates up to 250 Mbs and resolutions up to 2K and 3D applications.


Multi-Image Display Processors Includes a full line of products for acquiring, transporting, compositing and displaying multiple images on videowalls and single displays.

I’d like to assure you that we’re committed to supporting these products in the manner that you’ve come to expect from Extron. As you know, I have a personal guarantee that if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. That same guarantee applies to our newly acquired products as well, regardless of when you purchased them. If you need help give us a call.

I hope you’re as excited about the future of AV systems as I am. I invite you to take advantage of our extensive training and field engineering support which will enable you to make the most of these exciting additions to our product line.

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Andrew C. Edwards
President, Extron Electronics


Quantum Elite

Scalable, Expandable Videowall Processing System

Quantum Connect

Videowall Processing System

QSS 404

High Resolution Multi-Output Scaler & Processor

VN-Matrix 200 Series

DVI & RGB Video Over IP Encoders & Decoders

VN-Matrix 300 Series

SDI, HD-SDI & 3G-SDI Over IP Encoders & Decoders

JMP 9600

Two-Channel JPEG2000 Video Players


MPEG2 Media Player with HDSDI and Analog Output

MS9400 Series

MPEG2 Media Players with Analog Output

MMP 9500

MPEG2 HD Video Player with DVI/RGB Output and LCD Control Panel

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