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Progress Report: Union of Extron and Inline Going Well

Inline Connector Module

All of these items replace the previously published Inline 2001 CD, the Inline 2001 Product Catalog, and the Inline 2002 Confidential Dealer Price List. Again, watch our Web site for continual updates.

Product Line Evaluation

A thorough review of all products by the combined Extron and Inline product development team is underway. The primary development team at Inline consisted of Art Garcia, President; Mike Andrews, Vice President of Marketing; and Manfred Schneider, Vice President of Engineering. In the past few weeks, Dave Pincek, Extron Vice President of Product Development; Jeff Gibson, Vice President of Sales; Lee Dodson, Vice President of Marketing; and myself have been meeting with our former Inline counterparts, now a part of our team, to reposition both product lines for the future. Our objective is to bring you a combined product line that will offer the best price and performance in the market.

We have already determined, for instance, that the Inline architectural products with smaller AAP plates will be added to the Extron line. These products complement the Extron line and provide an even wider breadth of connectivity options.

Inline Product Warranty Past and Present

We recently announced that support for all Inline products is now provided by Extron regional offices. This means customers worldwide now have closer support teams that speak many of the local languages, and as a result, customers will receive a faster response. In addition, the warranty for Inline products has been extended from two years to three to match the Extron warranty.

All Inline product warranties, past and future, are now honored by Extron.

Repurchase of Inline Distributor Inventory

To minimize any impact on our international distributors affected by this change, we have repurchased all Inline inventory from them. Customers can be assured that Extron will continue to honor product warranties on prior Inline purchases from distributors.

Looking Forward

Our combination has been very successful so far. Please bear with us as we continue our plans to make Extron a better company for you, our customers. Already, we have added substantial human resources to the Extron team to help us manufacture better products with a faster engineering cycle. As always, Extron will continue to provide the highest-quality AV products, education, and industry-leading customer support. Thank you for your input and patience during this transition.
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